How I Got Past My Excuses And Booked a Dream Trip to Micronesia

There have been many things I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I hate using the word – “want.” It implies that something is out of my control, or not attainable.

This year has been the year of checking things off my bucket list. I’m writing this at 4:00am from my hotel in Palau, Micronesia (*cheeeeck!). 🙂

I’ve wanted to come here since my mom told me about it 16 years ago. 16 years ago! Yesterday I took an aerial tour of the islands and today I will be going on my first snorkel/dive tour. Micronesia is home to some of the best diving in the world!


16 years. Anytime I ask myself why I haven’t done something, the answer is always an excuse. “I don’t have the money right now” (or if I had the money, I figured I should save it for something more practical), “I’ll wait until someone else wants to go so we can go together,” and “I just went to Alaska, I don’t deserve to go on another trip.”

Those were my excuses.

My busy wedding season is about to start (Fall is always the busiest time of year for me). I had a couple weeks off and the financial resources, so got over my excuses and booked it. Eeep. I CHOOSE to go to Micronesia!

Anytime I do something like this for myself, life really ZINGS! I think it’s not only important to take care of yourself, but to learn to treat yourself well. It’s like being your own best partner-in-crime.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do, and why haven’t you pulled the trigger?

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1 thought on “How I Got Past My Excuses And Booked a Dream Trip to Micronesia”

  1. Fonzie Shickich

    Micronesia is so beautiful and timeless all in a world on it’s own. While the rest of the planet relies on what’s the latest news, trends and gossips from CNN to E News Celebrity Gossips, places like Micronesia stands alone still untouched and hidden like emeralds in the skies at night reflecting over the calm pacific sea yet untouched and unknown by any human contact. It is truly a blessing and an honor to be from here, and for a traveling visitor will be forever etched in their minds and hearts, with imaginary sands on their feet at any given moment with just a single thought. To visit anywhere in the world traveling makes one appreciate culture and life in their own content and existence, and makes one feel loved and comfortable at home sweet home no matter where they are from. The journey of traveling is half the fun, meeting so many people from all walks of life is the true experience that will be unforgettable forever and ever. Every single person is the real local celebrity cuz there’ll never be anyone just like he/she forever. To capture that moment with a camera or even kodak memory in our minds is the eye on the prize. Your works you’ve posted here is Barnone. What an amazing lifetime journey that only thousands of us could ever dream, and even a single picture will surely speak to someone and thus saving their life knowing WOW you made my day! I’ve been dreaming about this and you *snap* caught it on film. Thanku! This picture was made for me and i am forever lost in this paradise happy and free. Please keep up your good works and Jah bless you Christine!!!

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