Rose Rendon on the Show Up with Christine Chang Podcast

Feeling Free In A Relationship Is Important

Rose Rendon is an Intuitive Medium who helps women gain clarity in their romantic lives. One of the most popular questions she gets is, “Am …

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What To Do If You Feel Disappointed That Your Partner Doesn’t Fulfill Everything

Real talk: If you want someone to fulfill EVERYTHING, that person does not exist. As Author & Therapist Esther Perel says, you can’t expect one …

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Terri Simon on The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

What It’s Honestly Like Being Married For Over 21 Years

In the previous episode I had my neighbor Jake Simon on my podcast, so this week I brought on his wife Terri Simon to talk …

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Are You a Man-Hater?

Do you love men? Do you respect men? Do you respect that they are different?  Sometimes when I hear women talk about men, I wonder …

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Only Take Advice From These Kind of People

Note: This post is for people who are results-driven. 🙂 Whenever I’m putting a new product out to market, I ask my target audience for …

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How My Ex Helped Me Get Clear On What I Needed

I dated this guy for a while. Let’s call him Dave. I liked Dave because he was patient, adventurous, and I felt like I could be …

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Relationships Are Simple! Are You Complicating It?

Ask yourself: Why do you like to make love complicated? Does it feel more significant when it’s complicated? More romantic? Are you addicted to the push and pull? Have you only seen examples of turbulent relationships, so you think they must be that way?

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4 Important Things You Need for Healthy Long-Term Relationships

I like talking about friendships because friendships set the tone for all your intimate relationships, including romantic.  Looking at my closest + long-term friendships of …

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In Dating, Are You Stepping Up to Bat?

This is an excerpt from my book Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women. Now available on Amazon! After doing personal growth for a few …

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What To Do If You Are A Strong Woman And Find That Men Are Intimidated By You

This post is an excerpt from my book Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women. Now available on Amazon!

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Why It’s Important Now (More Than Ever!) To Have Self-Awareness, Compassion, & Good Communication

I was babysitting my niece and nephew. We made paper airplanes and they started coloring them. My nephew saw my niece drawing princesses on her …

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Christine Chang with her dad.

When They Wouldn’t Let Me On The Plane To See My Dad: Compassion Is What Truly Matters In Life

It was a week before Christmas. I was checking in for a flight together with my dad at San Francisco International Airport. We were on …

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