Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider talks dating on Show Up With Christine Chang

Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Talks Dating & Relationships

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Mark Groves & Christine Chang: Can Men & Women be just friends?

Christine Chang & Mark Groves: Can Men & Women Be Just Friends?

Mark Groves is on my podcast to talk about a juicy topic:  HAVING FRIENDS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX! Mark is one of my besties, he …

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In Marriage, It’s Important To Actually Like Each Other

Molly Schoneveld is President of The Storied Group, a public relations firm in LA. Often you will hear her talking about business + PR, but …

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Neeta Bhushan on Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

Creating The Next Chapter In Your Life After Divorce

This week I am excited to have Dr. Neeta Bhushan on my podcast.  Neeta experienced a lot of trauma in her early life including losing …

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My single guy friend asks me questions about dating and relationships.

My Single Guy Friend Asks Me Questions About Dating & Relationships

My single guy friend Rob is back on my podcast! In Episode One, I asked Rob questions about dating to hear it from an “average …

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Whitney Bezzant on the Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

Balancing Marriage With A Demanding Career

Whitney Bezzant is a professional dancer + choreographer who has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Kanye West, and Cardi B. Most importantly, …

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Rose Rendon on the Show Up with Christine Chang Podcast

Feeling Free In A Relationship Is Important

Rose Rendon is an Intuitive Medium who helps women gain clarity in their romantic lives. One of the most popular questions she gets is, “Am …

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Terri Simon on The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

What It’s Honestly Like Being Married For Over 21 Years

In the previous episode I had my neighbor Jake Simon on my podcast, so this week I brought on his wife Terri Simon to talk …

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The Grounded Guy Who Marries The Fun, Heart-Centered, Independent Woman

My neighbor Jake is an example of a man that respects a strong independent woman. I wanted Jake to come on my podcast because he …

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Dating From A Guy's Perspective. The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast.

Dating Today From A Guy’s Perspective / Rob Levy & Christine Chang

In my inaugural Season 1: Episode 1 of “Show Up With Christine Chang,” I have a conversation with my friend Rob Levy.  Rob is “an average …

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Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

I Launched My Dating & Relationships Podcast!

I NEVER thought I’d be this person, but I launched my own podcast on dating and relationships! I usually don’t like to talk much, but …

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