Only Take Advice From These Kind of People

Note: This post is for people who are results-driven. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whenever I’m putting a new product out to market, I ask my target audience for feedback. Like for my book SHOW UP: Finding Love for Independent Women, I had a graphic designer make 2 cover options and asked 50 women who were my target audience, “Which cover is more appealing to you – the one with the pink background or the blue background?” 

Brand strategists and marketing experts gave input too, which was good for me to consider. But ultimately who did I listen to? The people who would actually buy my book! That was the result I’m looking for. (By the way, 90% chose blue).

Now let’s apply this to getting life advice.

If you admire someone’s marriage, ask them for relationship advice! Watch how they show up. What are their boundaries? What do they do when things are challenging? These people are living examples of what you want, and it is guaranteed what they are doing works, since they already have the result you want!

There may be relationship experts who can coach you. There may be friends and family who you want to go to advice for. I remember my bestfriend and I were both in the single dating tornado for years. One day I asked her a question regarding a new guy I was seeing and what I should do. In that moment it clicked for both us. We looked at each other, paused, and said almost at the same time, “Omg let’s stop asking each other for dating advice. It’s like the blind leading the blind.” Lol.

So I started hanging out with my married friends more. I didn’t ask advice from any friend that was married, but ones that were in marriages that I truly admired. I learned so much from them. Life coaches were helpful too, if they were in a relationship I admired or practiced what they preached. 


You can consider other people’s opinion, but the ones you should really be listening to if you want a particular result, are the people who have the result already. Logic.

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