Are You a Man-Hater?

Do you love men? Do you respect men? Do you respect that they are different? 

Sometimes when I hear women talk about men, I wonder if they even like them. Normal complaints and frustration with someone? Fine. But disrespectful bashing?

It’s one thing to be a strong woman with ambition because achievement is one of your values. That’s who you are so proudly embrace it!

But does being a strong, independent, capable woman make you better than others? Does it mean crushing other people? Putting them down because of pain and unfairness you’ve been through?

The “I’m better than you” mindset is not a healthy place to be if there is hidden resentment and anger attached to it. 

How would you feel if the opposite sex spoke about you in the same way you speak of them? It reminds me of high school when I would hear some young men say, “Fuck bitches!” 

A person who would say that is someone who has been hurt.

My goal is mutual respect. I love men. There are things for me to learn from them, just as there are things men can learn from women.

Are there still times I want to shake my head at men and say, “What the F?” Absolutely. It takes constant practice and awareness for me to not do that. 

In general, it’s good practice being a human who respects differences in others. Especially if you want to build a partnership built on mutual respect.

1 thought on “Are You a Man-Hater?”

  1. Hi Christine I really appreciate this article because for a moment not too long ago and might I say long over due women were demanding to be heard and going after perpetratitors those men that didn’t. However I’m a father of two adult daughters and a beautiful wife for 29 years. I can without bragging say that I’m a great dad and husband, according to all of my girls but during the time of this new awareness and or as my daughter would say state of being WOKE’ I felt like being a man meant that good or bad you had to walk on egg shells. I would hear things at work like all men are this and they all do that. So to read your comment is refreshing, Thank you

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