What To Do If You Feel Disappointed That Your Partner Doesn’t Fulfill Everything

Real talk: If you want someone to fulfill EVERYTHING, that person does not exist. As Author & Therapist Esther Perel says, you can’t expect one …

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Terri Simon on The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

What It’s Honestly Like Being Married For Over 21 Years

In the previous episode I had my neighbor Jake Simon on my podcast, so this week I brought on his wife Terri Simon to talk …

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The Grounded Guy Who Marries The Fun, Heart-Centered, Independent Woman

My neighbor Jake is an example of a man that respects a strong independent woman. I wanted Jake to come on my podcast because he …

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Everything I Do Is For Her

Everything I do is to make this little girl proud. No it’s not my daughter. It’s the kid version of me. (I imagine when you …

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Plastic Surgery, BOTOX, & Fillers: At What Point Is It Worth It?

When I reached my mid 30’s I noticed my face starting to change. Particularly my eyes when I tried to do “smokey eye” make-up one …

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Dating From A Guy's Perspective. The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast.

Dating Today From A Guy’s Perspective / Rob Levy & Christine Chang

In my inaugural Season 1: Episode 1 of “Show Up With Christine Chang,” I have a conversation with my friend Rob Levy.  Rob is “an average …

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Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

I Launched My Dating & Relationships Podcast!

I NEVER thought I’d be this person, but I launched my own podcast on dating and relationships! I usually don’t like to talk much, but …

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Getting Over My Imposter Syndrome

When I decided to write my first book and share more personal growth material, I had serious imposter syndrome (still working on it). It’s one …

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Are You a Man-Hater?

Do you love men? Do you respect men? Do you respect that they are different?  Sometimes when I hear women talk about men, I wonder …

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Only Take Advice From These Kind of People

Note: This post is for people who are results-driven. 🙂 Whenever I’m putting a new product out to market, I ask my target audience for …

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5 Lifestyle Choices To GET SH*T DONE

I published my first book last month. To be honest I started writing it about two years ago. I opened my laptop, started typing text …

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How My Ex Helped Me Get Clear On What I Needed

I dated this guy for a while. Let’s call him Dave. I liked Dave because he was patient, adventurous, and I felt like I could be …

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