I Launched My Dating & Relationships Podcast!

I NEVER thought I’d be this person, but I launched my own podcast on dating and relationships!

I usually don’t like to talk much, but funny enough have been enjoying recording.

Show Up With Christine Chang PodcastThe podcast is based on my book, “Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women,” available on Amazon.

On the show I interview independent, capable, married women about their marriages and what it was like meeting the love of their life. I also interview a few men in Season One (episodes airing weekly)!

Below is the Youtube link to my latest episode. It’s also available to listen on Apple and Spotify – title of the show is “Show Up With Christine Chang.”

Each episode provides solid insight with practical advice from REAL people who walk the talk. I purposely choose guests who are transparent and tell it like it is. Who’s got time for fluff?!

If you enjoy the podcast or just feel like supporting, I would LOVE any 5 star reviews to boost my rankings. 🙂

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