How You Know You’re In A Great Relationship

I met my friend’s new boyfriend recently. She asked what I thought.

Me:  I like him because I like who you are when you’re with him.

Her:  Really? I feel like I’m just being me.

Me:  Exactly.

A great relationship is when you love who YOU are in that relationship.

4 thoughts on “How You Know You’re In A Great Relationship”

  1. First of all, I agree with that sentence, it’s amazing how a person can change everything without change anything about you.

    Second, I just find your blog and I loved it! Overall I love the ASK ME category.

    I am a big fan of photography and I intend to become a photographer (big words for me) and I feel so lost about everything! and is really comforting to find professional photographers that take a little time to share their expertise, tips and advice.


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