This Is What A Psychic Told Me

I’m not into the whole psychic thing where they tell you all about your past or future. I don’t want or need that.

Listening to someone tell you what is going to happen or what you should do completely gives up your power, not to mention can lead you astray.

I believe our own intuition knows best…

So I never ask a psychic, “What’s going to happen?.” I think it’s possible to predict the future based on patterns and energy, but if psychics truly had the power to accurately predict the future, I think: Wouldn’t at least one of them be choosing the right numbers for the lottery?

That’s why I always take what they say with a grain of salt. I listen but no matter what they say, ultimately I get to decide my future.

For example, if someone says, “You will get divorced.” Will you really? Sure there are life scenarios out of your control but giving someone else’s words complete power can plant a seed in your mind, causing you to subconsciously live that outcome. INCEPTION!


When seeing a psychic, I always look for someone who is more like an intuitive life coach; someone who can read my personality and ask the right questions to help gain clarity.

It helps direct my energy because I like to live efficient.

The most recent psychic I saw didn’t tell me anything that was OMFG groundbreaking. She told me things I already knew (my personality, what I’m good at, my patterns, etc.) which in my opinion, is the sign of someone good because they are simply good at reading you. All they are doing is pulling out what you already know, bringing reassurance in times you feel unclear.

She told me:

My energy sits in a combination of the present and future.

I currently want a change because I sense it from the future and always want to live fully in my potential.

A drastic curve is ahead – I will have to step massively out of my comfort zone.

I need to become more comfortable in the spot light.

The values I instill are the biggest part of my identity.

I’m currently not even close to living up to my full potential.

I have a strong personality but I’m also delicate.

I’m a leader.

I bring out beauty in situations.

I’m fair, real, tough, simple, and thoughtful.

I do things with passion, curiosity, and playfulness.

My methods are productive, mindful, and well-thought out.

There is no hard-stop in my life – I tend to outgrow things and will always be evolving no matter how much success I gain.

Those are just some things she said (I can’t share EVERYTHING). 🙂

She also suggested I should do something everyday that empowers me and meditate to tap more into my intuition.

I agree. When you are still, the messages and “aha” moments come through. Cut out the distractions.

Basically, she confirmed to me what I already felt which tells me I’m on the right track. I simply need to trust, show up when I need to show up, and most importantly, allow things to happen.

It was a good reading. I enjoyed it.

What has your experience been with psychics?

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