That Moment When I Knew I’d Marry Him

As nice as it sounds, I don’t believe in love at first site. I believe in infatuation and intuition at first site, but real love takes time.

The first time I looked into Pete’s eyes, I had a hunch. He was handsome, and the feeling I got when I looked at him was interested, yet calm. Not raging OMFG butterflies when your logical thinking goes out the door, but like a feeling of home. This is worth exploring, I thought.

At that time in my dating life I wasn’t surprised when a guy failed to show up the way I needed him to, but time and time again, Pete surprised me by going above and beyond.

A couples month in, I was at his place. My sister called and told me my dad had a heart attack. My family lives in San Francisco. My dad was in the hospital recovering.

I laid down in bed and turned away on my side to face the wall. I didn’t expect him to do anything, or even worse, back away because almost every guy I dated before him was not comfortable with being vulnerable or intimacy.

He laid down next to me, spooned me, and after a couple minutes silence said, “You know, I often feel guilty that I live far from home and don’t get to see my family much.”

My body relaxed and my held back tears poured. That’s when I knew.

If you’d like to see photos from our wedding, click here.

*This blog post is an excerpt from my book Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women.




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