Don’t Live Life Like A Checklist: A Simple Tip For Living A More Fulfilling Life

I was at a conference in Mexico staying at a 5 star hotel. 5 star hotels usually aren’t my jam, but for this conference we had to stay on property.

The hotel grounds were huge. There were multiple buildings and each had a butler that would get you whatever you needed.

Each time the butler saw me walk out of my room he would ask if I wanted a golf cart. I said no thank you.

I like walking.

The landscaping of the grounds were tropical, lush, and green. Weather was a perfect 74 degrees. It was nice to soak it in, especially after consuming fish tacos and sitting in an air-conditioned conference room all day.

Every time I walked the path, a golf cart would pass by every 2 minutes and ask if I want a ride. I said no.

If I’m injured, tired, late, or carrying something heavy – sure, having a ride would be fantastic. Currently, I’m grateful I have a body that’s healthy and that can take me around places by foot.

AH, The autopilot of luxury and ease…

Taking golf carts. Escalators. Ordering groceries to be delivered to your home…

It’s amazing we have technology that make life easier! We are lucky the option is there, but I often like to remember to find joy in DOING things, especially if they involve focus and using my body.

Having help and getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible all the time is not a fulfilling life. A lot of people say they want a wealthy life where other people do everything for them, but you also see a lot of people in that position who are not fulfilled. Why? Life is too easy and they look for stimulation in all the wrong places.

Is it possible to live a luxurious life and also be happy and fulfilled?

Sure. Simply slow down and find joy in doing simple things.

My husband is a really good influence for me in this area of life (which is why I’ve started walking more). I tend to be chop chop, point A to point B, let’s get ‘er done. Sometimes it drives me crazy how slow he can be, but he’s not being slow… he’s being smart.

He finds joy in his friendships (it was really important to him that we live in close proximity to friends after we got married), community, playing soccer, game nights, going to the farmer’s market, and taking care of our garden. He knows what will truly matter when life is over.

These things keep him present. They are meditative. He’s content.

Slow down, take a walk, and be present with whatever you are doing. Move your body throughout the day (your body is made to be used!). This is why people tend to be really happy while they are traveling and seeing new sites.

Oh yeah, and get off your phone (note to self).

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