Are You Going Through a Career Transition?

Are you going through a career or life transition? SO many people I know are going through this. If you want to feel less alone, I’ll share what I’ve been going through the last few years with the possibility that it may help you feel better.

I personally have not felt great the last few years, but slooowly, I’m beginning to feel better. I’m usually a crystal clear person who is quick to make decisions. In regards to my career, intellectually I know it takes time for momentum to build and clarity to come, but sitting with the feelings (I’m lazy, I’m a loser, WTF am i doing?) has always been the hardest part for me. This is what comes when one chooses to grow, so I guess I asked for it. Lol.

Don’t you LOVE when people ask, “So what do you do?”

My career went from full time photography for 15 years, to publishing a book on dating for modern independent women, to starting a podcast on dating, to starting another podcast with a Comedian, to networking in the Asian Entertainment industry, to helping my dad with his Biotech company, and now I’m doing all of the above.

If I sound all over the place, it’s because I am. Hee hee.

This is my first (and hopefully only?) time having a mid-life crisis. When I help other people with their careers I usually tell them to choose ONE thing. Especially if you are in the building phase, you can’t truly excel if your attention is divided. That’s how I effectively built my photography business. What I’m learning is to soften. Just like relationships, life transitions can be messy and not so black-and-white. It’s also ok to stop doing something if you learn it’s not a fit. Continuously learning and saying NO is an important trait successful people have.

Where I am now:

In the world we live in, there is the reality of money. I still photograph some corporate + lifestyle because it’s easy for me, and I like the paychecks. I’m not generating money from my podcasts yet, and my book makes money, though I call it my lunch money (using it to treat myself to overpriced smoothies from Erewhon). 🙂

I currently help my dad’s company with branding + marketing. My dad and I have recently had difficult conversations regarding boundaries. If you have an immigrant parent, you may be aware that boundaries don’t exist in their world. It has been learning for both of us (when I say that, I mean screaming matches). My dad is 81 and never wants to retire. I know he won’t be around for much longer so I am happy to help him, even though my true passion is not to do branding + marketing for a Biotech company that makes synthetic peptides and hormones. Btw, if you know anyone in the research industry, please forward along his company website. He continues to work because he wants something to do, and making peptides for research is one of the only things he enjoys doing. He literally says to me, “Get me more orders so I have something to do.”

My podcasts are chugging along, inconsistently. 🙂 Right now I consider them my hobby. I think it’s helpful to categorize where things fit into your life. I discovered I’m not trying to have a number one podcast. In order to do so, it takes A LOT of time and production money which I’m not willing to commit to. I continue to record to connect with people and build my speaking skills on camera. I view podcasting as a stepping stone to where I truly want to go.

Where is that? Making my first movie. Eep. That is scary to say. I’ve dreamt of this since I was a kid. I have a storyteller in me. I also have a producer in me. Making a film is the next evolution to sharing my heart with the world. I have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is that it is in me.

There is only so much time, so I’m doing, steering, and re-steering as I DO. That’s the important thing. Keep going.

Don’t judge. Adjust. 🙂

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