Do You Really Need To Be Fancy Though? 

I’ve toggled back and forth for a long time about whether I want to buy a luxury car or not.

I like good quality things. I like ease. I like practicality.

Right now I drive a Fiat.

The need to impress others? Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t.

I have it when I’m not feeling so good about myself. When I’m in a good place – meaning truly confident, happy, and fulfilled, I don’t need accolades, accomplishments, or anyone’s validation to help my self-esteem.

It’s when I’m feeling not good enough that I start looking for ways to fill that void. When I find myself overly craving things like designer shoes and handbags, that’s when I ask myself, “Bitch, are you ok?”

Sometimes when quality is exceptional, I will gladly pay for it. I adore fine craftsmanship. For example, the black Gucci pumps pictured above are the most comfortable black stiletto pumps I’ve ever put on (I have wide feet). I also like how the iconic Gucci strap isn’t too flashy. I will have these shoes for a long time.

What I like to ask myself is: What are the actual features? WHY do I want to buy it? What is truly important to me? Can I make better use of that money right now?

I went to my first auto show recently. Sure the leather is better, buttons and nobs placed more strategic for the luxury cars, but all in all, the economic cars were killing it.

On a recent trip to Portland the car rental company gave me a Toyota Corolla. It’s a basic car, but that thing had heated seats, a GIANT control panel screen, rear-view camera, and it alerted me if there was a car in my blind spot. It was also incredibly gas efficient.

Good quality, easy, safe, and reliable.

I don’t need any more than that unless I’m treatin’ myself or trying to impress someone. I don’t work in real estate or an industry where my vehicle’s first impression would matter that much. If I found myself in a scenario where I felt it mattered for business, I could rent or hire a nicer car for that day.

On the flip side, I CAN BE BOUGIE (ask my husband). When I sat in the new Hybrid Range Rover at the auto show, that thing had a mini fridge in the center console. I could keep my iced oat milk mochas cold, and can even keep make-up from melting!

But again, do I really need that right now? If I had disposable income I may consider it. Right now I can use that extra money to invest back into my in business. That is my priority right now, and growing my business brings me joy.

I also like to think about what would be important to me on my death bed. Hands down, relationships and the impact I’ve had on others. Not “Thank god I drove that car. Bury it with me, please.”

Treat yo self from time to time, but it’s good to take a step back and ask yourself when you wanna be fancy, WHY do you purchase what you purchase? Is it truly for you or for others?

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