Unlearning What We’ve Learned From Parents & Society

How much of what you know is from what you observed from your parents and from society? Communication, conflict resolution, education, spirituality… Is what you’ve been taught serving you? 

It wasn’t until I moved away from home after college that I learned there were SO many ways to do things outside of what I knew. 

Artist Nick Onken grew up in a very religious household. He came on my podcast to talk about discovering who he is outside of what he was “programmed” to believe. He also discusses:

  • How it’s OK to NOT know exactly what you want yet
  • Unlearning what we learned from our parents and from society
  • Racism on Dating Apps
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine, and how that determines who you attract

Nick is really good at staying curious in relationships. He often puts himself in a place of learning, which in my opinion, is a great place to be!



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