Travels with Dad: The Road to Shangri-La

Every year my dad and I take a father-daughter trip. I think it’s funny because I’m 32 and we still do it ever year. I’m going to continue making an effort to savor these amazing times and do them as long as we can. It is the biggest treat and I am grateful I get to do it!

This year we went to Shangri-La, China (near the border of Tibet). My dad suggested it.

He said, “Do you know the road to Shangri-La? It’s a real thing!.”

He always knows the most beautiful places to travel to.

Our hotel in Lijiang.

My favorite thing about traveling with Pops is how easy things are. He doesn’t put pressure that we have to see everything. In fact we never fully adjusted to jet lag because to him it’s more important to enjoy life and be comfortable. “If you want to sleep, sleep,” he says. He is very successful in his career but he’s so good at not putting pressure on people and letting them be them. Wise man. I am lucky to call him my dad.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Park.

This was a folk dancing show. My dad loves to watch them.

Right before he started talking on his cell phone.

The road to Shangri-La.

We stayed at the Songtsam Linka Shangri-La Hotel while here. It has western comforts and at the same time is well integrated into the community. I recommend it!

I had a great time. Where will we go next?

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