Jasmine Star on the Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

What Kind Of Partner Does A High-Performing Woman Need?

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Relationship Coach Bryan Reeves on the Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

Men’s Relationship Coach Bryan Reeves Shares How To Make A Man Feel Safe To Open Up

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Unlearning What We’ve Learned From Parents & Society

How it’s OK to NOT know exactly what you want yet Unlearning what we learned from our parents and from society Racism on Dating Apps …

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Mollie Eliasof on Show Up With Christine Chang

How To Have Effective Conversation In Relationships

Good communication is the key to healthy, intimate relationships. I’m thrilled to have my first therapist, Mollie Eliasof, as a guest on my podcast because …

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Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider talks dating on Show Up With Christine Chang

Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Talks Dating & Relationships

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Mark Groves & Christine Chang: Can Men & Women be just friends?

Christine Chang & Mark Groves: Can Men & Women Be Just Friends?

Mark Groves is on my podcast to talk about a juicy topic:  HAVING FRIENDS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX! Mark is one of my besties, he …

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In Marriage, It’s Important To Actually Like Each Other

Molly Schoneveld is President of The Storied Group, a public relations firm in LA. Often you will hear her talking about business + PR, but …

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Neeta Bhushan on Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

Creating The Next Chapter In Your Life After Divorce

This week I am excited to have Dr. Neeta Bhushan on my podcast.  Neeta experienced a lot of trauma in her early life including losing …

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My single guy friend asks me questions about dating and relationships.

My Single Guy Friend Asks Me Questions About Dating & Relationships

My single guy friend Rob is back on my podcast! In Episode One, I asked Rob questions about dating to hear it from an “average …

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Whitney Bezzant on the Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

Balancing Marriage With A Demanding Career

Whitney Bezzant is a professional dancer + choreographer who has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Kanye West, and Cardi B. Most importantly, …

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Rose Rendon on the Show Up with Christine Chang Podcast

Feeling Free In A Relationship Is Important

Rose Rendon is an Intuitive Medium who helps women gain clarity in their romantic lives. One of the most popular questions she gets is, “Am …

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Terri Simon on The Show Up With Christine Chang Podcast

What It’s Honestly Like Being Married For Over 21 Years

In the previous episode I had my neighbor Jake Simon on my podcast, so this week I brought on his wife Terri Simon to talk …

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