Relationships Are Simple! Are You Complicating It?

If your relationships always seem to be complicated . . . can I share some real talk?

Author Christine Chang

Love & Relationships can be simple!

Ask yourself: Why do you like to make love complicated? Does it feel more significant when it’s complicated? More romantic? Are you addicted to the push and pull? Have you only seen examples of turbulent relationships, so you think they must be that way?

You don’t have to run in circles analyzing things into the ground.

“But he’s my twin flame past-life soul mate reunited… and one time he did this cool thing… and if only xxx it would be perfect… but he’s like that because he’s a Scorpio with Leo rising star.”

Skert! Pump the brakes. Let’s focus on the present. Why not look at things like the person’s actions + core values? Do they match with yours? How do they show up when you have hurt feelings? Are they willing to grow? Do they want to be in a committed relationship with you? DO YOU FEEL GOOD AND SAFE WITH THEM? 

Start there. Because if they can’t meet you at the most basic functional level, it doesn’t matter what their sun sign is, or how they were nice to you for 3 months.

Balance the fundamental with the fun stuff. 

Relationships are simple if you are clear on what you want, you are honest with yourself, and you are good at enforcing your boundaries. 🙂

If you’d like more relationship advice, my book “Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women” has a bunch of other to-the-point love advice, and it’s available on Amazon! 

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