Trying Something New: Directing My First Music Video!

I wrote, produced, and directed my first music video!

I’m proud of this project. Nowadays there’s a whole lot of flashy + booty-shaking videos. I miss the days when more music videos told a good story, hence me drawing stick figures onto a piece of paper 3 months ago and producing this.

If you know me, maybe you’ll see a piece of me in here. I hope it speaks to you.

Thank you Caro for trusting me. And thank you to the team for your talents.

Written and Directed by: Christine Chang
Actors: Kevin Kreider and Sofia Grace Beeson
DP: James Messina and Kevin Rousso
Editor: Paul Forte
VFX Supervisor: Tati Leite
Colorist: Diogo Comum
PA: Apryl Chang

6 thoughts on “Trying Something New: Directing My First Music Video!”

  1. Very well done! My father Ron is good friends with your mum. Looking forward to more of your stuff.
    Kristopher Miyoko

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