Getting Over My Imposter Syndrome

When I decided to write my first book and share more personal growth material, I had serious imposter syndrome (still working on it).

It’s one of the reasons I hid behind my camera as a photographer for 15 years, because it was more comfortable telling other people’s stories.

“Who am I to share my story with the world?”


I’ve been to conferences with Experts and Thought-Leaders. They have a great talk on stage. Then I see them cheating on their spouses or completely lacking integrity off-stage. I think: why the F would I listen to your advice when you can’t even be honest with yourself or your loved ones?

Therefore I tend to take advice from people who are living examples of what I want. If someone has a marriage I admire, I’ll take their advice. If someone has an authentic brand and I like how they show up in business, I’ll ask their advice. They give solid, EFFECTIVE advice, and basically give me a blue print of the result I want. With tweaks of course to make it personal to me. 🙂

Because I have found their advice to be so valuable, I decided the world needs more people who walk the talk to impact others. 

What I DO know is that I’m a good person, I’m honest, and take responsibility for myself. I’ve also had my heart shattered to a million pieces over and over since childhood and mended it back together (over and over), so I show up not as a little shrunken version of me, but the BEST me.

I’ve always been called to share stories with the world. I’ve blogged about this stuff for over 10 years but it hasn’t been at the forefront.

She is ready.

1 thought on “Getting Over My Imposter Syndrome”

  1. Hi Christine, That is a good concept and good starting point. I too am an imposter! Because of the difficulties of life, the shortsightedness of the rest of the world and numerous other factors I have had to act “as if” for years.

    I know I am a fraud so I go out of my way to act and inter act with ethics and genuiness. If I lead with my heart instead of my ego it is such a better outcome. By the way, your picture in the stripped shirt outfit is such a good portrait L&R, Robin

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