Stopping to Taste the Macarons: Finding Joy in the Ordinary

Last night I went out with my girlfriends Carla and Apryl. We went to dinner and movie.

It was cold outside. Walking into the dim lit wood floor restaurant felt cozy. We sat at a high top communal table by the bar, threw our coats on a hook, and ordered everything that looked good on impulse. The waiter came by and said, “Can I get you something to drink?.” We said yes, and we’re ready to order food too! Cauliflower truffle soup, oysters, corn fritters, meatballs, burrata arugula salad, a burger cooked medium, side of fries, and a glass of Malbec. We finished everything over chatting about relationships, work, and holiday plans. We ordered one more side of fries.

Macarons At The Movies

After we went to catch a movie. A client had graciously given me a box of macarons from Lette (thanks Liz!) so I brought them to the theater. The three of us took turns taking small bites of each to taste the different flavors, and then agreed who got to finish which. Hazelnut was my favorite.

I have nights like this all the time which I call “just another night,” because it’s easy to become numb to things you’re used to having all the time.  Savoring a delicious meal with friends, sneaking goodies into a theater, watching a funny movie and laughing out loud…

It was a GOOD NIGHT.

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