Stop Asian hate: Please Step Up & Help If You See Someone Getting Attacked

My 6-year old nephew was at the park and another kid was upset he was climbing on the jungle gym that she was on. 

She said, “I don’t know where you’re from or if you speak English but you need to get out of here!” 

The little girl’s tone was contempt and all I could think was, “WHERE DID SHE LEARN THAT?.” It’s sad that people are so closed-minded and uneducated, and they teach their kids these things.

The phrase: “Go back to your country….” Besides Native Americans, we’re ALL immigrants. Why does one think they are better than others because they arrived one or two generations sooner?  

“After 9/11, Sikhs were targeted and murdered because of their skin color and garb. After COVID-19, Asians are murdered and targeted because of their skin color and look. When the uneducated and uninformed need a target for their misplaced anger, they will find it.” – Jimmy Wong

More and more attacks are happening to the Asian community every day. Killing people because you “had a bad day?” Attacking the innocent elderly? Where have morals gone?

If you see something happening, please step up and HELP. We need help. 

I haven’t been feeling safe lately, literally considering getting in better shape and learning to physically fight to give myself a better chance if I got into an altercation (I honestly don’t know what I’d do if someone came up to me saying racist remarks). 

I also worry more about my parents, who are elderly but continue to work so hard and mind their own business. The thought of someone attacking them makes my blood boil.


Staying silent and simply filming incidents is not enough. These racist attackers NEED CONSEQUENCES. They need to know this will NOT BE TOLERATED.

If you’d like to see more of what’s happening besides what is on mainstream news outlets, check out conversations on Instagram accounts like @nextshark or @ricefeed. 

More importantly, if you would like to help your Asian friends and the Asian community, if you see someone getting attacked or bullied (even a simple whisper of “Go back to your country”), please step up and take action.

We would really appreciate the support. <3 

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