Everything You Need to Know About Microblading + Before and After Pictures

I got my eyebrows Microbladed a few weeks ago and have received a lot of questions. For anyone considering getting it done, here are my answers to the FAQ’s!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is semi-permanent make-up tattooing. A tiny blade is used to create hair-like feather strokes to mimic hairs, creating natural looking brows.

Where did you get it done?

Kelly Zhang Studio in Pasadena.

How much did it cost?

Microblading can cost anywhere from $300-$1500 for one session depending on where you go. Kelly Zhang currently charges $500.

Before & after with no make-up. And yes, I purposely chose a before pic with bad lighting for dramatic effect.

Are you happy with how they turned out?

YES. I like thick full brows and was tired of filling them in every morning. This has saved me A LOT of time, and the microblading looks more natural than make-up.

How long does it last?

6 months to 2 years depending on how oily your skin is (the less oily, the longer they last).

Does it hurt?

They put numbing cream so there is little to no discomfort. She told me during the procedure that if I start to feel pain, she would put more numbing cream on (I asked her 3 times to put more on). I’m a wuss when it comes to physical pain and I was fine! I think the worst part is the noise the blade makes as it’s scratching your skin. If things like that give you goosebumps, bring headphones.

How long is the procedure?

Total time was 3 hours and most of it was consultation, chatting about the shape, numbing, and waiting for the ink to soak in. The actual tattooing part is quick. After a couple months, you go back in for touch ups for the areas the color didn’t stay.

How long does it take to heal?

2 weeks. Your brows will scab over and initially the color will look really dark (like you drew them in with a Sharpie!). During that time it is best not to get it wet or sweat excessively. There is also an ointment you can put on if they feel irritated, so it may look greasy.

I was tempted to wing my eyeliner and wear hoop earrings this day.

Would you recommend Microblading?

YES. Just make sure you do your research, go to someone reputable, and communicate clearly what you want.

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve had the procedure. You can see a couple areas near the inner edges that need to be filled in. I’m going back for my touch up session in a few weeks!




2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Microblading + Before and After Pictures”

  1. I just got mine done and I’m a little upset by it. We’re yours dark right after or only during the healing process. mine are so dark and unnatural that I’m worried they’ll stay that way.

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear. Mine were dark during the healing process. I wouldn’t worry. Since the blade only cuts 2 layers deep it fades pretty fast. The woman who did mine hadn’t touched hers up in a year and they had faded a lot (almost disappeared). If you want to fade it faster, go out in the sun a lot. Lol.

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