4 Reasons Why Having A Personal Uniform Is The Key To Everyday Life

I’ve read tons of articles written about how to look effortless, yet their entire process of looking “effortless,” takes so much time!

I believe it does not have to take a lot of time or effort to look good and stylish.

It’s widely known that entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing to work everyday.

I believe in this.

I believe in having a personal uniform, especially for women.

Women are made to believe that we should spend a lot of time on different outfits and using a bunch of beauty products.

That might make sense if you work in those industries, but funny enough, you’ll see that even the people who are truly working their asses off in fashion, do wear something similar all the time, because they don’t have time to be choosing outfits all the time!

Reasons why having a personal uniform is the key to everyday life:

1. It saves a buttload of time.

Say it takes you 30 minutes to get ready in the morning.  That’s 182 hours per year which = 7.6 days per year.

I always think: What else can I be doing with this time?

I could be:

– Working on my business

– Reading

– Exercising

– Sleeping

– Spending time with loved ones

– On a damn vacation

Fun + different outfits for events? Yes. Day to day? Not necessary.

This is my current personal uniform. It has been for the last 5 years.

White button down shirt + black slacks + hat + stylish closed toe shoes.

I wear this 99% of the time when I have a meeting, when I have a photography gig, and when I do anything work-related.

I was late for an podcast interview the other day and knowing this is my go-to outfit saved me A LOT of time and stress.

There was no wondering, “Does this look ok?.”

2. It shows confidence.

Not only do I know my personal uniform looks ok because I’ve worn it a thousand times, I know it looks GOOD.

And funny enough, even though it’s simple, I often get complimented when I wear it. Something along the lines of: “You look cool,” “You look creative,” or “You look stylish.”

I don’t think people say that based solely on how the outfit looks – it’s the energy that comes with it.

I’m enough…this is enough…

“Thank you,” I respond.

That’s the goal.

3. Having a personal uniform communicates that you are a reliable mofo.

On a subconscious level, people like what’s familiar. How you dress is your “brand,” and the more consistent you are, the better it makes others feel.

“Do you know that photographer? She’s the one who always wears xxx…”

4. It’s good for the planet.

Fast fashion is destroying our planet. Think about how much time and resources it takes to make disposable clothing that, after wearing a few times, is going to make its way into landfills.

The majority of landfills are clothing and fabric.

Do you need to be changing your clothes that often? I read somewhere that fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M get new clothing shipments 3 times per week. New fashion coming in all the time, and they make you believe you need it.

I do my best to invest in classic pieces of clothing that are good quality. Do I still buy fun pieces of clothing for the sake of having something different in my closet? Absolutely. I’m just more mindful about it now, experiencing the benefits of having a personal uniform!

What is your personal uniform?

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