Unlearning What We’ve Learned From Parents & Society

How much of what you know is from what you observed from your parents and from society? Communication, conflict resolution, education, spirituality?

It wasn’t until I moved away from home after college that I learned there were SO many ways to do things outside of what I knew. 

Artist Nick Onken grew up in a very religious household. He came on my podcast to talk about into discovering who he is outside of what he was “programmed” to believe. He also discusses:

  • How it’s OK to NOT know exactly what you want yet
  • Unlearning what we learned from our parents and from society
  • Racism on Dating Apps
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine, and how that determines who you attract

Nick is really good at staying curious in relationships. He often puts himself in a place of learning, which in my opinion, is a great place to be.



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