Unsure About A Relationship? This ONE Question will Let You Know Where Someone Stands

You’ve been communicating in circles with someone. Things don’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s been months. Years. How do you get to the bottom of this? 

Step one is to make sure you are CLEARLY communicating your desires and needs to someone. Do they know what you need? Don’t assume that they know. People are not mind readers and it’s your responsibility to communicate your needs.  

After you have communicated your desires and needs, the one BEST follow up question to ask them is: 

Are you willing…?



Are you willing to go to therapy together? Are you willing to schedule more quality time together? Are you willing to stop talking to your ex? Are you willing to show up for me?…

Are. You. Willing. 

People are often afraid to ask this question because they know it could mean the end of the relationship.

If you want TRUTH, with this question, you’ll get an answer REAL QUICK. And if they don’t stick to their word? You’ll see through their actions, REAL QUICK. 

Willingness is a yes or no. 

And then ask yourself: Do I want to be with someone who isn’t willing to meet my needs?

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